If you are living in the Mississauga area and you are wanting help to alleviate unwanted wrinkles and lines on your face, rehydrating and nourishing your skin, and restoring or adding volume, then you should consider Revanesse filler treatments in Mississauga at Light Touch Med Spa. Revanesse is a unique family of injectable fillers that are often used to treat the face, creating a more natural and youthful appearance. Revanesse is a Canadian product that has been designed to: smooth lines and wrinkles, restore and add volume where needed, shape and contour facial features, and deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. Revanesse filler treatments are available at our Light Touch Med Spa clinics in Mississauga, Waterloo, and Oakville, and our team of certified and professional nurses and doctors are extremely capable of assisting you with achieving a more youthful and natural appearance in your face.

Things to Know About Revanesse Filler in Mississauga

Revanesse is made up of Hyaluronic Acid, which is an ingredient that is found naturally in your body as a carbohydrate. This line of filler product has incorporated unique cross-linking technology that creates a long-lasting, safe, and high quality dermal filler. This technology allows the filler to be injected easier, feel more natural, and is easier to shape and won’t break down as quickly or dramatically as other cosmetic fillers.

How It Works

The epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous are the 3 key layers of your skin. Skin cells are constantly being renewed on the epidermis, collagen and elastin are held in the dermis, and the subcutaneous layer of skin supports the dermis and the epidermis. Hyaluronic Acid is present in every layer of the skin. As you grow older, your skin begins to produce less HA, which holds moisture in your skin and keeps it hydrated. Naturally, as you age your skin will become thinner, and when you combine this with external elements like sunlight, stress, and diet, your skin begins to lose volume, and develops wrinkles and lines. Revanesse filler treatments in Mississauga at Light Touch Med Spa are meant to add more HA back into your skin, which restores needed volume, and fills in lines and wrinkles. The Revanesse gel integrates into your skin naturally, and allows crucial nutrients like oxygen and hormones to pass through the skin.

If you are in the Mississauga area and you are wanting to take advantage of an injectable filler to help you restore your skin’s youthful look, then you should consider Revanesse filler treatments in Mississauga at Light Touch Med Spa. If you would like more information about Revanesse filler products, please feel free to continue browsing through our website, or contact us via phone or email.

The line consists of:

revanessepure nourishes and moisturizes the face.

revanesse fills fine lines and wrinkles.

revanesse-ultra treats deep lines and wrinkles.

revanesse-kiss volumizes and augment the lips.

revanesse-dexis restores/adds volume to the face

revanesse-contour treats deep lines and wrinkles