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Come in for a Professional facial care treatment at Light Touch Med Spa! We have spa locations in Oakville, Mississauga, and Waterloo, and our team is comprised of experienced and certified estheticians! You will absolutely enjoy the pampering and relaxation of our of facial skin care programs we offer, but there are also a multitude of other benefits that offer you and your skin health and wellness. Choosing the type of facial you want depends on your skin care goals  and in consultation with our specialists, we’ll help you choose the facial which is best suited for your unique skin care needs. Our facial treatments are designed to deep-clean the skin, while others offer moisturizing or anti-aging benefits, and still others help to relieve stress. Continue reading this page for more information about facial care at Light Touch Med Spa!

Our customers can choose from different facial care treatments at Light Touch Med Spa like:

Long Lasting Deep Hydrating Facial:

45 minutes – 60 minutes $85.00

Great for dehydrated skin. Pores appear smaller and regenerated. Includes extractions and a deep hydrating face mask.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial:

60 minutes $95.00

Recommended once a month. Deep cleansing of pores. Pores appear smaller and skin is rejuvenated. Includes extractions and a face mask.

The Beauty Break Facial:

30 minutes – 45 minutes $55.00

A mini facial with creams and a mask that is customized for your skin type.

Some of the benefits associated with facial care at Light Touch Med Spa:

Increased Circulation:

Facial care at Light Touch Med Spa helps to improve and restore circulation to facial skin layers, increasing the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to skin cells. This rush of blood to the skin gives your skin a healthy glow and plumps skin cells with vital nutrients and water, which reduce the appearance of wrinkled and dry skin.


While there is no way to stop the aging process, a variety of facial treatments and technologies may help slow the skin-aging process and offer you more youthful, supple skin. Intense pulsed light, or IPL, laser treatments help to remove dead skin and increase collagen and cell growth and development.


Facials, face packs, aromatherapy facials and massage with facial creams and other remedies help deep cleanse the skin, removing toxins caused by pollution, grease and dirt found in your everyday environment. Such facials help to reduce an overabundance of sebum, which is a natural substance which moisturizes and lubricates the skin.

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